A new, cost-effective solution to electric grid restoration

A reliable, resilient transmission grid is of vital importance to the economic and social well-being of the nation. While electric utilities have always planned for recovery from network disruptions, recent events have demonstrated that the grid faces a new set of threats, both natural and man-made, that must be considered and mitigated.

Subscribers to Grid Assurance® services have access to critical, long-lead-time transmission equipment housed in secure warehouses and readily deployable when needed. Our services are intended to complement existing sparing programs at individual energy companies and established industry solutions.

  • We work with you to identify equipment needed to restore your system after a catastrophic event
  • We house and maintain that equipment in secure, strategically located warehouses allowing for quick deployment
  • We develop and regularly update delivery logistics plans for your use following a devastating event

When you subscribe to Grid Assurance, you secure your ability to obtain the long-lead-time equipment needed to quickly restore power delivery, helping to protect consumers and communities from the devastating impacts that delays in restoring electricity can have on quality of life and the nation’s economy.

The service is a win-win; pooling assets and accessing economies of scale, which should lower costs to ratepayers.

The service is a win-win; pooling assets and accessing economies of scale, which should lower costs to ratepayers.

- In Homeland Security

Industry Driven

Combining experience and innovation for a more resilient grid

Six energy companies, with geographic and technical diversity, launched Grid Assurance in 2016 to provide an industry-led grid recovery solution. The goal of this effort was to create a pro-active, industry-led solution to mitigate these emerging risks, creating an industry best practice to improve grid recovery. Grid Assurance is an independent company offering a robust response to the numerous potential risks facing our nation’s transmission system.

an important step in letting market forces solve our problems instead of pushing for federal action

- American Enterprise Institute

an important step in letting market forces solve our problems instead of pushing for federal action

- American Enterprise Institute

Cost-Effective, Rapid Solution

Subscribers to Grid Assurance see cost benefits from pooling and diversification as well as improved logistics. It is significantly more expensive for each transmission owner to independently procure and securely house the quantity of spare equipment necessary to recover from rare, but potentially catastrophic events like significant weather events or a coordinated physical or cyberattack.

Grid Assurance is not regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), but charges cost-based subscription fees, similar to FERC-regulated transmission formula rates. These transparent, cost-based subscription fees will facilitate members’ ability to recover their expenses.

Subscriber Benefits:

  • Inventory
    • Participate in pools of inventory applicable to your needs
    • Level of inventory will be optimized to lower subscription costs
    • Inventory will be actively managed to mitigate risk of obsolescence
    • Warranties that are transferable to subscribers with the appropriate length and terms
  • Warehousing
    • Secure, cost-effective storage that is insulated from threat and protected from elements
    • Strategic, geographically diverse locations
    • Designed to house, maintain and facilitate transportation of assets
  • Transportation Support
    • Create and maintain pre-determined logistics plans to reduce deployment time
    • Coordinate in advance with transportation service providers
Many electric power components are hand-built, manufacturing capacity is limited, and ordering them anew requires waits of up to 18 months.

- Wall Street Journal

In Accord with Policy

Grid resiliency is a top priority for the nation

Federal agencies and policymakers have identified enhancing grid resiliency as critical to protecting customers from the devastating effects of prolonged transmission outages. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued two positive orders (FERC Docket Nos. EL15-76 and EL16-20) in August 2015 and March 2016 to Grid Assurance that provides regulatory clarity supporting transmission-owning entities participating in and subscribing to Grid Assurance as a way to strengthen transmission grid resiliency.

Grid Assurance is working closely with FERC, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Edison Energy Institute, North America Electric Reliability Corporation and other entities to improve resiliency for high impact events.

Collaboration is vital as we continue to address this important aspect of helping to ensure the reliability and resiliency of the nation’s electricity delivery system.

- Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability RFI


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the idea of pooling resources to do this makes all the sense in the world

- NPR Marketplace

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